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Life Philosophies

Have you Ever, I declare, EVER, heard of life philosophies as absurd and insanly stupid as the ones on MAD TV and their affiliate stations? Good...

*Life is like a llama, it spits on you when you arent looking

*Life is like a full fat person, they can explode

*Life is like kenetic energy, it's there

*Life is like an electric outlit, it looks like a smiley face

*Life is like a moose, it is from canada

*Life is like a scuba diver, it has flippers and a gas tank

*Life is like a crying baby, it's eyes are closed

*Life is like a duck, it quacks and has a beak

*Life is like an apple, it is red and has a core

*Life is like a boot, you wear it and is made of leather

*Life is like a tree, its tall and has a bark

*Life is like a pint of beer, enough and you are drunk

*Life is like a car, it has headlights and a steering wheel

*Life is like a keybord, you can use it to type stuff

*Life is like a pig, its big, fat, and pink

*Life is like a button, when you push it, it does stuff

*Life is like a table, you put stuff on it

*Life is like a pencil, it fits in a pencil sharpener

*Life is like a building, it has windows and is tall

*Life is like trash, a garbage man takes it away

*Life is like a tiger, its orange and has stripes

*Life is like a boat, it floats in water and can have a sail

*Life is like a cherry, long stem and is a fruit

*Life is like light, it can burn your eyes

*Life is like a nose, it drips