Lukerpig Rules!

I used to spend hours online looking for the best site in the world. I never could find it. So I made it myself. A haven for breath-taking paint pictures, midis, stories, and videos, I created to share to the world (And thus, you) my incredible talents. It's hard to believe, but everything on this website is incredible.

Paint Images paint images are created with the utmost of attention and detail. Created in none other than MS Paint, each image is crafted with Paint's fine tools and brought to life with it's fine color palate.


Created in Anvil Studios, midis involve much time randomly clicking notes, synths, tempos, and channels so that the end result is always a unique, irreplacable song.'s midis prove that music doesn't need to be musical to kick ass.

First Grade Story

Created in several marathon sessions, the First Grade Story combines as many images, sceneries, and ideas as possible as it tracks down the daily life of an average 6-year old boy. Nominated for 3 Pulitzers.

The Brett Hull Zoo

Created using Photoshop, a single image of Brett Hull is warped until it becomes an irrecognizable blend of an obscure animal and an obscure man.


What modern teenage experience would be complete without making a video? Avant Garde to say the least, these movies contain messages hidden deep (very deep) behind the surface.

Scans scans exhibit my finest hand-crafted artistic endeavors. They look so real, you'll feel as if you're there!


Promoting Physical Health is America's favorite Man Turkey. He is the love of women everywhere, and men want to be just like him. He is everything you aren't.