Promoting Physical Health, america's favorite turkey with a scarred human head, is getting more popular as the day goes... here are honest screen shots with PPH in movies, games, and a whole lotta other stuff...

He has risen
Early Christians had a different rendition of Jesus before the Pope was jealous of how beautiful he looked

I spy with my eye Promoting Physical Health
Can you find him?

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Needless to say, Linus was dissapointed when the pumpkin was actually a turkey man that hated him.

Bush and Kerry debate PPH
PPH won the debate so hard that Kerry and Bush came off as little pansy-children ever sense.

The worlds greatest drawing on the world's greatest etch-a-sketch

PPH ghost in south park
The actors claim to this day that PPH was not on the set at the time of this episode's shooting. That means PPH is a ghost... of HIMSELF.

PPH pwnz n00bz as Master Cheif
PPH was the inspiration for Halo because he is literally an angel

PPH vs King Kong vs Godzilla
An American Classic done America-style.

PPH Killed John Kennedy!
Everyone knows PPH did it, but he still more free then you will ever be.

This version of Mario was released everywhere except where you live.

stunning work by the PPH himself
PPH made the Renaissance by beating the crap out of all the other artists.

PPH was a character in Mortal Kombat that was so good, not even the gameshark can unlock him!

PPH explosion is better then you explosion
When the Hubble Telescope took this picture, it went blurry out of pure awesome.

God made pez to feed the homeless. you are homeless.
PPH eats kids that eat his candy.

PPH is so good he has one move that is One Hit KO that has 100% accuracy. You cannot beat him because you are weak.

PPH drove the Pain Dandylion, and it is so good that it automatically wins.

Change you can't believe in.
Bow to your new leader.

Promoting Physical American Gothic.
This painting inspired Jesus to come back down to earth in the 1960's. He's been looking at it ever sense.

This is you wanting to be pretty.
Many people know of Normal Rockwell's famous picture "self portrait" but few people know that Normal Rockwell is completly unorigional, and he took this picture, replaced the head, and called it art.

Van Gogh didn't paint this, I painted this.
The final version of a classic painting.

PPH was hired to do the kiss because he is so good at kissing women.

New Challenger Warning.
To unlock PPH, you need to beat Home Run Contest on Expert Mode.

My lightsaber is bigger then your lightsaber
It took the fighting powers of Forrest, Bubba, and Lt. Dan to fight this machine. And they still all died.

Let me look upon you with my own eyes. JK I DON'T HAVE EYES.
Darth Vader wasn't misfigured. Everyone else is misfigured.

Renaissance Pr0n
PPH sculpted himself into the most beautiful sculpture ever known

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Dorthy's guardian angel.

The witch is anal expulsive
PPH killed the witch with it's ear-splitting screech. Thereafter, no one messed with them.